An alert!

Few days back, my son has reported an unusual incident happened at the school premises.

It appears that when he was coming out of the class walking down the steps, a senior student came to him and slapped on his face. My son did even not know the boy; forget about thinking of any other possibility for that slap. The senior boy was with his bunch of friends and all of them started laughing after the slap.

My son was perplexed and started sobbing. After a while he saw the same student playing in the field. He asked one of the instructors about the class of student playing and collected the information.

Back home, after he narrated the incident, we were in dilemma on what to do next? Was that just for fun? If no, then what was the reason behind that? And if yes, then it appears to be the case of a deadly cultural virus trying to get its feet established in a disciplined school.

There were various incidents of bullying in schools reported in new channels and many have ended in dangerous outcomes. One senior student stabbed a junior student so that the exams can be postponed. One had shot another junior student for personal gains. This virus if maltreatment of junior students by the seniors, if not contained at its early stages can widespread and take the entire school or the college under its influence.

And if parents complain of such incidents in advance, their wards need to undergo further constant mental torture in the form of investigations after the real physical one. The kids’ mental peace gets interrupted; they may even enter into inferiority complex or depression.

This ‘game’ what seniors play also become a part of ragging in various colleges and schools after some time. Slapping, beating, harassing, punishing and other such activities are reported to be carried out at various schools with many of them leading to serious problems at school and colleges. Parents after sending their kids to school are still never sure about their safety.

Anyways, we have requested the principal to pass on a strict warning to the senior students, especially the boys about such games and misbehavior in general, probable in the assembly. We also told the principal to also convey them that such activities are recorded in the CCTV cameras and any further such incident shall lead to the termination of the student. This way the one to one enmity between two students can be avoided and others too if getting indulged in such malpractices can take it as a warning bell.

21 thoughts on “An alert!

  1. Yes. This article is so true. Even in our school I witness some students getting teased and harassed by seniors but we can’t do anything. Anyways, the good thing is we are becoming seniors now and we don’t bully our juniors. Hope this changes! Take care of your son!

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  2. no physical or heavy psychological bullysm in our school but thorough third and forth class my eldest daughter was the target of nasty comment from in particular two girls.At the beginning i haven’t said anything but then i formally complained as she was really questioning herself in a way a 9 years old kid shouldn’t.
    i heard that violent episodes are more and more frequent in Italian schools,not too bad here in ireland

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    • it is all up to the school administration, how quickly they realize, understand and contain the issue….ignoring it assuming no immediate effects may lead to serious repercussions later….it is all in the value and culture of the particular school….that is one of the criterion ….that makes a school good and bad…..

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  3. At times I wonder what all things we need to teach our children to keep them safe.And no matter how much we are cautious, there seems to new dangers coming up every now and then.Its a sad state.I hope your son bounces back without any bad memories.

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  4. Geeze!! I remember my days in elementary school the worst that would happen is that the girls would walk pass my desk and stick out their tongue at me! I wasn’t very well liked by most girls in my neighborhood and for a variety of reason that had nothing to do with me as a human being. In Junior High things totally changed and I’m not sure why, I grew up, my fellow classmates grew up or the thought of getting in trouble or getting dirty from fighting was not on list of things to accomplish. Seems in this day and time the cruelty of our young adults has increased 1000%. The language used in Junior High and High School makes me pause and check my surroundings – did I someone move me on to 125th in the Harlem without my permission. Am I in the twilight zone with Rod Serling. Nonetheless, children can be cruel when they are not watched – which leads me to my next thought. In this day and time, sure cameras and security guards can and MAY be a deterrent to infructuous behavior however, it’s those nooks and crannies that students like me would have feared till the end of time. I’m sorry to hear your child was slapped in the face in a place that designed to provide a safe learning environment I pray he heals from the incident and excels beyond measure.

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    • thanks you very much …and also for sharing the relevant details….Yes when they are watched….the fear makes them behave in a disciplined matter….Luckily the school management has dealt with the matter in a decent and careful manner….and things appear to be better ….as of now….thanks again for your kind concern…..regards….

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  5. Bullying is not restricted to junior school. Some people enjoy bullying others, this has become so obvious on the social media where strangers troll for no tangible reason. In most schools, the authorities deny such incidents for the obvious reasons.

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