the undulated feelings

oh, these undulated feelings of my heart

they are confused to start or not to start

at times the heart wants to talk to her

at times the actions appear to be blur

all signals to woo her have gone in vain

she has decided not to knock door again

but my sinusoidal emotions still wait

to get desired affection out of her hate

she senses undulation of the sentiments

but is scared of such social experiments

that forces her to withdraw from the scene

and keep the relationship pious and clean

relationships are not unconditional like love

and the qualitty of character is far far above


our brilliance

brilliant are not those ideas that sparkle innovation

nor are those people who are worthy of celebration

brilliant are not those things that keep us motivated

nor are those stuffs that we often call sophisticated

brilliance is the inherent characteristics of beholder

a pious and honest mind being the only stakeholder

being brilliant is vague if we don’t respect anything

our stubborn and deceitful ego thwart everything

people may overact to exhibit their sheer resilience

but simplicity is the only means to achieve brilliance


dark moments

there are times when you are totally baffled

there are worries and traumas to be battled

there is darkness all around eclipsing light

you feel quite low with nothing going right

friends depart with no one being the feeler

and then only time proves to be the healer

life come alive inverting narrowing funnel

and we see a light at the end of the tunnel

then we realise the life’s most bitter reality

those darkest paths of life test our ability

as we are confined to the walls we build

those rough paths have the beauty filled

the darkness only makes the stars bright

it helps us differentiate wrong and right

don’t worry if no one is walking with you

you change your life no one else can do


my allergies

They say that I am full of zeal and energy

but the reason is that I am full of allergy

I am allergic to prevailing malfeasance

I am allergic to professional negligence

I am allergic to waking up in morning

I am allergic to roots of global warming

I am allergic to people behaving stupid

I am allergic to someone playing cupid

I am allergic to negativity in the masses

I am allergic to weight reduction classes

I am allergic to facing weekly mondays

I am allergic to working slots on sundays

I am allergic to people always on phone

I am allergic to fingers full of gemstone

I am allergic to people predicting future

I am allergic to people married to computer

I am allergic to the internal server error

I am allergic to people promoting terror

if one feels hurt I tender my appologies

I am proud and I love al these allergies


WordPress treat

all of us are really enjoying a literary treat here

some posts are full of allusions and metaphor

some carry dramatic irony to keep us glued

some are rich in epiphany, innovative but crude

some call for exposition and situational irony

some have great figures of speech and agony

some tell from the third person’s point of view

some with foreshadowing, with flashback few

there are onniscient point of views also taken

tone of some of the posts leaves readers shaken

some are with imagery and some epigraph

the similies and the diction makes us laugh

such food for thought is appetizing and delicious

it quenches the thirst and keeps us nutricious


the reservation

After the efforts put for yesterday’s conversation

I will try to convey to you without any reservation

who knows tomorrow one may plan preservation

this should not build the unexpected frustration

let us honestly concentrate on today’s reservations

it is much hated word in many developed nations

in some countries it is the symbol of identification

but surely it doesn’t go well with new generation

reservation ignoring abilities is a social suffocation

if required it may be limited to the field of education

the reservation for tourism be the only application

which gives equal opportunity for entire population

reservation should be positivity without any negation

like the faith is nothing but trust without reservation


our conversations

why is our conversation derailed from track

we used to have conversations back to back

conversations with you were always the best

and they were never understood by all the rest

on the soil of conversation friendship blossoms

conversations can only solve all our problems

misunderstandings are on a high in this situation

silence is not always best the form of conversation

conversation is only the healthiest food for soul

finally friendship is only our clear ultimate goal

as whenever the conversations are with you

all my stupid arguments get their perfect value

and I feel elated accumulating memories priceless

your mystic silence should not leave me lifeless