literary bliss

You don’t know the pleasure it gives

to have number of likes on the posts

though I wish those likes to be real

so as to judge the standard of writing

you won’t realize the level of satisfaction

one gets from the comments of the people

But I wish those comments were lengthier

To make me easily realize their genuineness

I wish the chain of comments never end

I wish taking them, longer than the posts

To follow or not to follow is not the question

one-Way follow or why to follow is important

extent of happiness, the depth of contentment

degree of delight, the magnitude of enjoyment

the effect of these outputs is inadvertently same

for the writers, literary bliss is the final aim

38 thoughts on “literary bliss

  1. Very true. A genuine like on the posts after reading it is the appropriate way. I also think the stats is not that important. Rather how much your posts is influencing or touching someone’s thoughts and imagination is great.. nicely written..👌

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  2. Every one of us can relate to your literary bliss and can make our own. Two thing comes to my mind
    1. Beautifully expressed.
    2. In my mind we can write a lot in a comment only thing which comes between me and my writing – time, Desire to read more in the time I have, and to write my stuff for the promise I have with myself to write everyday.

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  3. This poem is so perfect. I am sure all of us can relate to it. Nothing like a comment. Much better than just a like. But when there are no comments, even the likes will do…it’s sad when you’re looking at your blog and in 1 minute a reader likes 10 posts. Obviously somebody simply clicking it.

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  4. I liked your poem. But if I may dare to give different direction or other perceptions, then I will say, “Likes” and “Comments” are actually not good for any writer, according to me. At least expectation of it. Although I confess, I also feel happily alleviated on likes and comments. But vanity that comes with it has quite a price. So we shall make sure, we don’t become a victim of vanity in these shower of “likes” and “comments”.

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  5. True! Comments and suggestions are what everyone need to get better.. You make any topic to discuss so flowing in your poem.. Great FH..!!.. But I generally don’t have much to say when it comes to lengthy comment.. Will it make me less genuine?🤔.. Jk🤣

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