Reading fortnight

Hi friends! Just to inform you all that few days back I have taken a brave and bold decision. I hope many of you would wholeheartedly appreciate that, many would recommend my name for bravery medals, many would honour me for the sacrifice I have made. It’s fine, I know I deserve that as not many have such patience, courage, guts and unnatural urge arising from the bottom of their hearts. You know, here most of the writers are just awesome writers. They write and vanish. Come back, check the likes and the comments. And again write. Some curious cats do peep into the commentators sites and leave their footprints behind. Some do the popular ‘tit for tat’. You like so I like. I don’t know whether you read or not, so same here.

Oh I just forgot to tell the decision I took as mentioned in the opening lines. Here it goes… I have decided to dedicate this fortnight to reading the blogs, liking them if I feel so and commenting my views. I won’t be writing to ensure the dedication towards my task.

Brave. Isn’t it? Now don’t hit me with that virtual stick!

44 thoughts on “Reading fortnight

  1. πŸ˜„It is bravery sometimes.
    πŸ””Medals coming throughπŸ“£
    Three times a week ( i used to do every day), i make it point to read five new blogs.
    Other days I’m reading regulars…
    but you could tell that from the quality of my writing, couldnt you?!

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  2. hahaha….I just loved your thought. I am one such blogger….write and vanish. come back …check comments again write and vanish. But what to do?….. Writing and blogging is my passion but to fill my stomach I have to work. Difficult to keep my blog alive. Hope you understand. πŸ™‚

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  3. Here’s your πŸ₯‡ hehe! This is how I do it too. It’s hard to keep up and read everyone’s great posts AND write sometimes AND be the busy mom I blog about! Hehe—I mean, how would I have time to make that Birthday cake dip for you? Haha! But, I really do enjoy my “reading days.”

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  4. Haha. I love this. I actually do spend time reading others and never hit a like or comment unless I have. I wouldn’t want to like something I don’t believe in and I would rather have life and comments as feedback. I also never follow someone so they will follow me so consider THAT your reward. Love your spunk. This was great. 2 weeks out of the country and away from the computer put me behind catching up, but….that wan’t a bad thing.

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  5. I actually do read others posts. Or at least skim through. I have to get the translator out for those in other languages….just in case it is a topic I do not want to like or do not understand at all. Anyway Good for you for undertaking this task. it is time consuming and formidable but sometimes you will find some rather interesting things!

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