The hair story


I feel, the biggest scare for a human being during peace time is finding a gray hair on his head the very first time. ‘Am I growing old?’ is the first reaction followed by a self negation of the thought. It takes months and years to make one understand and accept the fact that he or she is growing old.

This is similar to the feeling which says, “I will never die!” Though it is a well known fact that the death is the eternal truth and ageing is one of the normal orthodox processes in our journey towards death.

In general, a person starts showing the sign of ageing once he or she crosses 40 years of age. For few it may not appear as alarming but they have the silent effect on our body. Almost everyone in this world is scare of dying. Even those who indulge in killings have this fear except for those official (armed forces) or the religious extremists (terrorists).

It is not wrong to say that the ladies have more fear of ageing than men and that in general is proportional to the thickness of the make-up they wear. The initial gray hairs are always plucked like unwanted flowers to keep the hair bunch uniform in colour. Some over-concerned mothers employ their kids for the plucking job and offer great incentives. It is said that the new hair starts growing immediately as the old one is plucked. But when those few uncalled gray hairs start their march towards attaining majority, the artificial ways of colouring the hairs dominate. But then, the reality is always known to the owner and the disguise is for others who always hold the competition of ‘Who’s first?’

Men too are not behind. Unless you want others to feel you are a senior official with wide experience, you never show them your gray hairs. As the ‘gray area’ increases, the hair styles get converted to the best suited ones. Some adopt long hair to appear like scientists, while some ask for small hairs or go completely bald to effectively clean up the suspicion. The fact is that the average life span of a hair is almost five years.

As time passes, the efforts towards overhaul and maintenance of the hairs increase. At this point, most of the exhausted humans give up. Some revert due to the routine extra efforts while many stubborn give up only when they see the greying in the hair found in other parts of the body with exception of palms, soles and lips. That finally makes humans believe that they are really getting old.

Though the hairs can be considered very first indication of ageing that can be camouflaged by artificial means, being bald is not always safe. The bald-wins can however save the expenses of parlours, shampoos, hair oils, combs etc. but cannot stop themselves from getting aged. The investment on something made up of carbon, oxygen, nitrogen, hydrogen and sulphur just drops down.  Also the ability of pulling a couple of elephants with the hairs on the head starts diminishing.

The best way to live the life is to accept what comes to us in a natural way, organize it and live the life to its fullest!

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