your beauty

even when I am not looking at you

I find you the most beautiful person

as beauty lies in the eyes of beholder

and they need to seek the real reason

the face can’t remain beautiful forever

so the fire that makes it appear lovely

if the criterion for this are such mortal

everything shall become one day ugly

I have seen your veiled internal beauty

the care and the concern that flows

I have seen your untainted splendour

the nature and character that glows

when I close my eyes and feel the jangle

you are the same stunning mate for me

and when I lose the power to discriminate

you shall still remain lucidly great for me


freedom from tethers

they say that the humans are born free

and that should be the much revered key

but they end up first in the gender bias

then there is nationality divide with us

the humans are also divided by the caste

even the rift of colour and complexion last

once born human is tagged with a religion

and then forcefully confined to a region

human also grow up with fiscal disparity

then get affected with mental polarity

and the humans keep getting enslaved

innocence bestowed doesn’t get saved

if we wish to live life with all pleasures

ensure freedom from all such tethers


my dreams

dreams are the most beautiful events

decorated with heartwarming contents

I wish I could pluck them every night

and let the aspirations take the flight

they say that the dreams are for real

with determination they turn surreal

sometimes I paint my dreams as I wish

to let me attain the much required bliss

as dreams are the very seeds of change

that trigger an honest and real exchange

with that passion I always tend to take up

and to make dreams turn real I wake up


WordPress journey

errorlife is more like a WordPress site

here things are not always right

sometimes the daily prompt arrives late

with bloggers needlessly forced to wait

sometimes you encounter unexpected error

panicking pressing refresh button out of terror

at times your post doesn’t appear on the page

and you feel entrapped into a technical cage

but the natural urge to blog keeps one going

the power of knowing, the ability of showing

though one may not sail smooth always

strange is WordPress, funny are its ways


social highway

my life is a sentence with a very huge dash

whenever I check my balance I find nil cash

shall I update this status on my Facebook flash

or shall I tag on Twitter with a very big hash

my desires, my potential always had an ugly clash

my life is on social highway, I am driving very rash

searching for effective braking to avoid any smash

my aspirations my ambitions all are turning into ash

can someone help me out before my dreams crash?