wonderful kingdom

being here gives me too much pleasure

hard to conceive difficult to measure

all my companions from distant places

from diverse cultures and different races

walking with me on my artistic expedition

variety of writings in this literary mission

various landmarks, prompts and challenges

varied novelistic and eloquent poetic packages

this is an ocean of knowledge and wisdom

proud to be part of this wonderful kingdom


The power of acknowledgement


There were days when people used to send letter by registered post to make sure it reaches the destination. To get the confirmation for the delivery, a white colour tag was generally attached to the registered letter. The tag termed as ‘acknowledgement card’ was the proof of delivery of the letter to the receiver and the sender used to wait for the acknowledgement to come back to him. Most of the letters especially those sent to government offices were tagged with this card as people feared that the department or the people concerned may misplace or ignore the post. Continue reading


my portion

no matter, if failure is my portion

I will accept it with full devotion

as it is not always devastating

despite being bit of frustrating

rise up! and start all over again

just swallow all tears and pain

as failures make you more humble

accept them without any grumble

they add to the flavour of success

take you faster on the path of distress

builds your character, makes you star

as you may lose battle but win the war!