O dear money!

people can cross mountains and oceans for you

people can be waking whole night and day for you

people fight for you, people laugh and cry for you

people breathe you, people lose control for you

there are people who kill their loved ones for you

there are people who do daily office circus for you

more they get, the more they are attracted to you

you are in their minds, hearts and their dreams too

you are one language people speak all over the world

you make an animal out of any human across the world

you are the most essential thing in this pompous world

you are the sole reason for the unrest in this world

people love you more than their caring spouses

many love more than their parents and bosses

you are the one who creates troubles across the globe

you buy language, religion and even a country’s hope

you can buy peace you can buy the justice

you can buy fame you can buy the prestige

you are omnipresent, you are omnipotent

O dear money! you are the God at present!


13 thoughts on “O dear money!

  1. You are right, but money is not god of everybody, we still have those that put money in its right place in their life, though money is very important. We have people that have right perspective about money. Those that chase it without doing the right thing, it moves away from them; but money always tents its abode to those that do the right things in accumulating it.

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  2. Money is a damn good thing to have. Oh yes! You stated the facts succinctly. However, the absolute ‘love’ of money is the root of many vices in our world. To reverence money, to allow money to be the ‘god’ of ones life, is certainly a negative attitute.

    Indeed, nothing is wrong with money or the possession of big money or great wealth. But it becomes an issue of great concern when such money begins to control and rule us.

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  3. Just like work is a means to support living and we let it become a monster for us, same goes for money. It’s is just a means of paying our bills and supporting our livelihood but the obsession with money had tempered with minds many and made them do horrible stuff.

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