laugh out loud

When my friends smile and chuckle

something is hidden under the buckle

either they are scared of laughing out loud

or my actions have made them really proud

an open laugh shows a heart generous

but a silent laugh is much dangerous

it may be dipped with cruel intentions

or immersed in selfish apprehensions

chuckling is the foreword to laughter

makes atmosphere healthy thereafter

making someone cry is the biggest sin

don’t forget laughter is the best medicine


my glass heart

and my heart shattered into pieces

little did you realise its properties

I always opened up my heart for you

and you kept digging its novelties

yes, my heart is made up of glass

so that it remains transparent

so that it shows its truthfulness

without fear of any undercurrent

and yes it is highly opaque too

so that it doesn’t pass negativity in

and retains its innocence and warmth

and doesn’t allow crooks to peep in

yes, my heart is made up of glass

so that it can show its refractive trait

by changing the direction of emotions

and segregate the love from hate

it can polarise the thoughts and feel

which may help the deep injury heal

it can filter malice and retain affection

through its total internal reflection


nature’s fury

when the atrocities rise to their peak

when hostilities have their long streak

when the cruelties crush the weak

the nature renders a jolt to speak

no one can get away doing wrong

no one can remain evil for long

no one can ever boast to be strong

nature has the ultimate swansong

when people try to become God

when everyone turns to be fraud

when innocents feel being clawed

justice from nature gets the nod

when the humanity is captivated

when the mankind is intimidated

when the civilisation is  mutilated

nature’s fury is then aggravated


the calmness

In the artificial ladder of success

some start climbing almost straight

some find terribly difficult to reach

many encounter a pretty long wait

but the rat race keeps continuing

people make it a fierce competition

some make it as a personal battle

and some keep eye on their ambition

the lines are crossed, decency is lost

friends and relatives traded for a cost

rivals betrayed, competitors are pushed,

challengers cheated, contenders are duped

and Gods too are dragged to ask for miracle

all this foolishness to reach that pinnacle

the soul is embroiled in this modern strife

where is that calmness, once called life?


harmless beings

and when I met that cranky lass

all my words did break the glass

though I had line I never cross

acquaintance here is only loss

she made her mind and bade goodbye

didn’t hear me and never thought twice

tears of separation rolled my eyes

helplessness crawled in a writer cries

again truth stood and dared to rise

but brutally killed by wandering lies

yes, the online world is full of fakes

we all writers won’t be disagreeing

but one should always remember that

humans usually are harmless beings


try to measure

try to measure, if you can

the length of our separation

the breadth of the void

the depth of my frustration

the weight of my dignity

the height of my percipience

the speed of my thoughts

the magnitude of my brilliance

the severity of fanaticism

the love inside my heart

the passion for togetherness

the cravings of every part

the degree of loneliness

the extent of benevolence

the intensity of compassion

the purity of conscience

via Daily Prompt: Measure


I shall be pleased if…

I shall be pleased and impressed

and shall be a thankful friend

if you show me the real mirror

for me to scrutinise my character

if you bring out my weaknesses

for me to make myself stronger

if you point out my deficiencies

for me to become a perfectionist

if you analyse my words and deeds

for me to let my personality benefit

because if the criticism is creative

it makes a man out of a monkey

but if it is to humiliate someone

it makes things appear stinky


unravel me

nothing appears more beautiful to me

once I get entrapped and bemused

 in your mesmerizing beauty

nothing appears more musical to me

once I get lost hearing

your sweet and charming voice

nothing appears more sweeter to me

once I explore and get soaked

in your sweet and adorable character

nothing appears more softer to me

once I feel and get lost

the delicate touch of your hands

it is definitely not my fault

just unravel me and you’ll find

all my cells oriented towards you

all my tissues directed towards you

all my genes intended towards you


Delivery: from natural towards artificial


Parenting is really a tough job. Generally parents tend to perform it from their perspective and assume that they have done the job with perfection. However most of the times it falls short of the child’s expectations or the required level of accomplishment.  Mothering a child is still laborious as the clock starts well ahead of the fathering timelines. Continue reading


my divine appeal

hide me inside your eyes

for my soul want relief

for I wish to remain sunk

in this exotic coral reef

take me deeper down

inside your lovely heart

for I crave to unwind

and wish never to depart

embrace me in your arms

for my body want rest

and I wish to sleep forever

like a baby in the nest

allow me to just inhabit

in your incredible mind

for I yearn get dissolved

like a solvent of its kind

I want to be in your desires

I want to be in your dreams

I want to be in your thoughts

to be hurled to wild extremes

you make my worries go dry

you let my all wounds Heal

you make my fortune bright

you are my divine appeal