be merciful

more I try to decipher you

the more I get entangled

your silence is disconcerting

your words are confounding

your Pauses are perplexing

your nuances are deceptive

your undertones are obscure

you don’t disperse the clouds away

you don’t ever clear the haze

the more I try to find my way

the more I cede to your maze

shall I learn the telepathy

or shall I use a mind reader

I can’t remain a helpless guy

be little merciful O my dear!

10 thoughts on “be merciful

  1. That sounds terrible! I feel sad for your situation but it makes me laugh too. I get the visual of someone getting stuck deeper in quicksand, the harder he tries to get out😉
    I hope it’s all a good thing (situation you are in seems to be a choice … )
    Anyway all the best wishes.

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  2. a hard nut to crack? maybe this person doesn’t know how to react on your actions or is in the same way confused as you are? somehow everything is just a reflection in the mirror

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