The handicapped CEOs


The topic surely attracts attention as to what the article contains? But this article is not about the differently-abled people occupying the top posts, it is about the CEOs and the chairmen who are handicapped. However, they may be handicapped because of their character or their personality traits or due to internal or external compulsions, whatsoever. This is applicable to all companies/ parties/ ministries/ institutions etc. This is the reason why these entities at some point of time feel the kickbacks due to their disabilities. Here are some of the types: Continue reading


an ambassador of love

when you will ever sense my feelings

at first they may look too Abstract

but then you will realise the very fact

that nothing on earth can ever distract

me from the list of priorities I have set

from the related opportunities I get

you will never find anyone like me I bet

a rare human species you won’t forget

for the respect, commitment, dedication

passion, selflessness and veneration

and also the devotion I possess for you

which makes me an odd man out too

but I am happy with this weird odd tag

and I promise to keep flying high my flag

and declare self as real ambassador of love

that may make you happy and the God above


my plight

most of the times, I remain really perplexed

as to what the Nuance of your words mean

when I act upon deciphering it my own way

I find that the reality has inverted the scene

I always think ever I will understand you fully

you too complain I never understand you fully

but is it my fault that your words are so scrambled

they carry different nuances for me to untangle

and I remain on the wrong side for whatever I do

God too knows that whatever I do I do it for you

so why is the language so biased towards me

can someone help and give me the answer key


the nervousness

nervousness is what tells us the first

as for humans this feeling is a must

the first time we face audience on stage

the first time we enter the worldly maze

the very first time we learn to ride a bicycle

first time we tend to try something impossible

Nervous are we the first time we talk to opposite gender

nervous we become when we are caught as an offender

the first time we stand near pool to learn swimming

nervous we become when we feel time ticking

the exam fear too make the people nervous

travelling abroad first time make many anxious

nervousness shrouds us so hard its difficult to flee

I always wonder, if I am nervous or nervous is me



Recently we got a circular from my kid’s school stating that there is a program called ‘Matruvandana’ scheduled and all the kids along with their mothers are invited to attend the same. Though it was quite clear from the name (a Sanskrit word translated as mother worship in English), still the curiosity surrounded us as to what the organisers planned to do? Continue reading


the emotional avalanche

the Swarm of those untamed emotions

attack the classified hive of my heart

expecting sheer presence of her persona

the candid fact of her being class apart

and I lay back stockpiling them as always

and try to filter them out in my own ways

as I am often scared of the very fact that

this emotional avalanche is hard to combat

and once it breaks those self erected barricades

flood caused thus shall wipe all those grey shades

and surprise her with splendour of my affection

and perplex her with the beauty of my perfection


death of a love tale

the past haunts with dreams so livid

the memories so stale yet so Vivid

those painful moments of separation

that fracas, confrontation and altercation

your boiling red face indicating dissension

rising misunderstandings, soaring tension

the cessation of dialogues and communication

the rise of egos and associated obstructions

the fissures in the relationship keep widening

and now we lay dejected in our cocoon frustrating

fighting with our identity  counting the breath

one more tale of a love died its unnatural death


live every moment

Our life too is a Parlay of sort

where to start where to abort

we do not have any control on this

any one of the commands if we miss

a big full stop may appear in front

and we depart as the souls shunt

if the efforts in this parlay succeed

we may live a life that just exceed

so that we stay more in this world

and think self lucky, though absurd

is remaining alive for long is the aim

as every body has an expiry date to claim

humans can’t stop this ineluctable decay

and for every creature there is a doomsday

this is the biggest and most bitter truth of life

make your life large if you wish to survive

live each and every moment of life to stay alive

so that it makes God happy when you arrive


the unquenched desire

blame it on my insatiable Desire

or the buried, invisible dormant fire

I still strive to forget those instances

that killed me hard to take away the chances

and now I live this life showing no traces

I pretend ignorant and wear different faces

but the unquenched flames of Desire still persist

because it is there to fuel me up, so I exist

and when this dies the heart will stop beating

the mind will cease and soul will start retreating

O the centre of my burning desire wake up!

you had given me what no one could ever take up

I was fortunately human so I surrendered

but what have you lost ever you wondered?


Research in India: A point to research

A true state of affairs in the research field in India

My Microbiology World


There is a lot outcry on new US president’s actions after assuming the office. I really wondered why it is being considered wrong to take strict actions by a country’s Premier towards safeguarding the interest of his own countrymen. He may not be hundred percent right, but you can’t call him wrong either. 

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