bare minimal

everyone in this world is running for more

humans are hungry, craving from the core

some want popularity, some desire wealth

at the cost of honesty, at the price of health

some want properties, some aspire for might

killing their own people their own trivial fight

the hunger for money has made humans robots

flummoxed in the oceans rowing their own boats

there is noting that money cannot purchase

the character, the body, the religion, the race

the honesty, the integrity, the mind and the soul

the patriotism, the loyality, the objectives, the goal

thoughts grow corrupt and a person turns criminal

in the pursuit of comfort, tranquility and miracle

is there so dire a need to be deliberately cynical

can’t we keep our wishes and desires to bare minimal?

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Happy #WorldPoetryDay

my mental utopia

I will always be capable, even in your absence

to replay the beautiful moments of our life

I can feel your presence in the things around

on the bench, in the park, at the play ground

the aroma of your presence in the atmosphere

the visuals of our togetherness lying everywhere

the world may Label me as an insane wacky human

but these encounters of my kind are no exaggeration

so whenever I feel running from maddening crowd

I enter this mental utopia tearing canopied shroud

and all the lively memories then pop out to welcome

from the past countless years and many years to come


the atrocities against women

The other day I was watching the ‘Speed News’ in a television channel. Out of the 100 news headlines they telecasted, 22 were on the atrocities carried out on women in the country. “Two teen girls gang raped in a car by five men” , “A 27 year old woman jumped from fourth floor after being raped by three men” , “ A woman was raped and strangulated to death by her neighbour”. All these news had a 15 seconds appearance on the screen. It is so painful to see and hear such news items. These news items were supplemented by either showing the woman with the face blurred, or the men with their faces covered. That’s it. The news channel has done its job. The cops are busy doing their job like any other ordinary case. Some ‘lucky’ cops catch the culprits and the news item says, ‘alleged rapists’ and puts an end to it. They are alleged, because a lawyer has to prove the ‘occurrence of the act’ in the court and also that the caught offenders have ‘performed the act’. Which place on this earth are we living? Is the cost of the dignity of a woman is so low? Continue reading


the lady luck

when the possibilities meet the preparedness

the lady Luck shines on us

when the willingness is combined with action

the lady luck shines on us

when indolence and incompetence are abandoned

the lady luck shines on us

when failures become the pillars of success

the lady luck shines on us

when hard work is blended with possibilities

the lady luck shines on us

when the survival defeats the disaster

the lady luck shines on us

when we write the destiny for ourselves

the lady luck shines on us

and when we give luck a chance to occur

the lady luck shines on us


WP massive attack

The arteries of the site are blocked

posts from the members are clogged

the veins of Daily Prompt are chocked

the big heart of WordPress is stroked

the problems on the site are back

WordPress has got a Massive attack

The blog pages are difficult to view

neither is there a message nor a clue

the Daily Prompt shows nil responses

readers are drawing their own nuances

is this the advent of literary erosion

or the effect of bloggers bulging emotion


nature’s original creation

we see human like structures, made up of flesh

with a heart intensely pure, emotions so less

eyes amazingly beautiful , but vision so unclear

a captivating big mouth, but speech so mediocre

the face so pulchritudinous, expressions so sad

the mind extremely fertile, the ideas so bad

the brain so wonderful, the Instincts so unreal

the body so charismatic, the thinking so surreal

the hands so powerful, the acts so pusillanimous

the pair of feet so elegant but path so erroneous

with such oxymoron and contradicting relation

one wonders, is this nature’s original creation


the doctrine of love

I always wondered about my weight, my body

and all that is affected by the laws of gravity

my inherent physical and chemical properties

the bodily activities and associated levity

until I fell in love and got fully Immersed

law of gravity couldn’t explain the fall

theory of buoyancy didn’t help either

the solubility index didn’t work well

laws of attraction couldn’t make me survivor

how can one explain the theory of romance

the principle of passion, the logic of nuance

the doctrine of love, the policy of affection

the reason of selection, the rationale of rejection


the records

whenever I watch the programs showing

many great achievers in different fields

many experts and insane professionals

showing off and capitalising their yields

running in the mad race for setting records

registering their names in seeking rewards

trying all stuff which is impossible for all

the obsession to rise the restlessness in fall

yes, it is really great to have world Records

to make self immortal to grab all awards

but its still greater to be a great individual

to be more judicious to be more sensible


the festive spirit


it appeared to all as if rainbow had descended

colours looked so exquisite, beautiful and blended

people all around holding sweets and colours

playing out with joy with some running for covers

and as the colourful festive spirit rose to its peak

atmosphere turned vibrant, magical  and mystique

the weather too was lovely, naughty and freaky

and the people were joyous, saucy and cheeky

but when the colours touched face of a gentleman

the regular act of Murmuration then slowly began

and then a colour balloon painted the man red

the clothes turned colourful but anger on the head

then multicoloured water drenched a person whole

the murmur rose louder and burst out of control

the festival took backseat, the anger on the front

and humans fought like kids, culture bore the brunt


your eternal love

as the love goes down deep inside my veins

I see lovable patterns in everything around

the clouds on the sky appear multi-colour

I hear enchanting patterns in every sound

I lay on the bed and the sheet showed a Pattern

the thoughts surround like rings around Saturn

I walked along road and trees appeared aligned

honking sound of vehicles too looked refined

the drops from the shower too emerge pulsating

the rice grains artistic, the drinks pretty orchestral

in your eternal love everything seems ornamental

the world a lab and paraphernalia experimental