symbiosis of its kind

with lots of mental energy and fervour

I take up the WP challenges everyday

I lift up my thought process to its peak

and slide down with the words in array

accordingly I always earn a decent score

but site visits are less, the likes are more

I genuinely ponder if visitors read the piece

or it is just an arbitrary action to appease

comments to the post are sometimes strange

wonder accordingly if content should change

some visitors visit for their hunger to learn

some pay visit to do the favour in return

is this the culture of an intellectual mind 

or is it the literary Symbiosis of its own kind

20 thoughts on “symbiosis of its kind

  1. Good one! To me, this is where I get to meet a cross-section of people and perspectives, with author mindset as a common denominator. I look for feedback for growth, but very few people do that.
    I also like to return the favor of those who committedly help me grow, persistently supporting, in different ways.
    And then, there are some I learn from, the ones who stimulate thought. I keep focussed on my goal, no matter how tempting some distractions are😉

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  2. Haha, this is too good to be coincidental. It looks as if you just penned down the thoughts of my mind. At times I have seen likes to many of my posts within a single minute, is it humanly impossible​ to read all of them within a minute???

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  3. This is so genuinely written.It is making me laugh because sometimes when I know that a person writes well and I am running short of time,I take it for granted and sometimes like a post just like that,though it is very rare but yes it does happen at times ..Thankfully on my posts,there are just a few who do a favour while rest actually take out their precious time to drop a comment.I must say I am lucky in this matter…hahahah

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  4. What a beautifully written ponderable (is that a word? It should be). Certainly symbiosis at it’s base. No matter how​ good we are, we have to settle for that till we become genius, THEN people seek us out. Or unless we die. Genius or death…

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  5. Symbiosis-related, in a vague, esoteric light … just now my favorite band / era-of-same is playing in the background: Genesis / Peter Gabriel-era. One lyric in particular colored its way through the din: ‘I know what I like, and I like what I know.’ .. Which, I’m going to take the liberty of borrowing as my comment to the contents of your post – which I fully read & comprehended. And, after I tap ‘post comment,’ will have commented on as well.

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