meaning to my life

The day I don’t see her

the life appears meaningless

the flowers don’t excite me

relaxation gives me stress

moonlight incinerate my body

the music deafen my ears

the water appears to me dried

the pleasure brings me tears

the text messages tease me a lot

the phone calls irritate me to core

the cool breeze burns my skin

the heart keeps craving for more

my body and soul become helpless

unable to end the incessant strife

your absence is just cataclysmic 

as you give meaning to my life

via Daily Prompt: Meaningless


the human life

The life of human beings is so different

Sometimes lousy sometimes vibrant

The hunger always keeps them on toes

The unquenched appetite, the belly woes

fierce competition for preeminence

merciless attacks and wars for dominance

why can’t we follow a simple living

as a God sent Ordinary human being

the materialistic things will not go far

costly AC, big bungalow, the luxury car

the bank balance,  jewellery, profession

the muscle power, beauty and attraction

nothing can really stop us from going dead

few may cry for a day or so and then forget

the life will move on and we will be the past

it is the time to ponder what exactly will last