the social stigma

the Sun seasonly changes it timing to rise

the rooster misses its early morning shout

but she never ever misses to get up early

and start her routine without any doubt

her children are totally reliant on her

her parents, her in laws, her out laws

her husband is fully dependent on her

for each and every chores in the house

still being the most sought out person

she is often inadvertently ignored by all

the value of being available all the time

being omnipresent and accessible on call

beautifully doing justice to all her roles

satisfying subconscious needs of everyone

making the planet beautiful with her sheer presence

and carrying on her shoulders the entire burden

will she ever get due acceptance in this society

in her circle of concern with her personality

or will she always be used like tissue paper

to clean the dirt from the people’s character

and throw thereafter on the road in the waste

after squeezing the juice and leaving distaste

via Daily Prompt: Acceptance