my mental utopia

I will always be capable, even in your absence

to replay the beautiful moments of our life

I can feel your presence in the things around

on the bench, in the park, at the play ground

the aroma of your presence in the atmosphere

the visuals of our togetherness lying everywhere

the world may Label me as an insane wacky human

but these encounters of my kind are no exaggeration

so whenever I feel running from maddening crowd

I enter this mental utopia tearing canopied shroud

and all the lively memories then pop out to welcome

from the past countless years and many years to come

5 thoughts on “my mental utopia

  1. Yes, certain memories can be relived again and again..and personally its an excellent habit reliving fond memories…reliving the surroundings, the ambience, and the sounds…Brings back a smile….

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