the records

whenever I watch the programs showing

many great achievers in different fields

many experts and insane professionals

showing off and capitalising their yields

running in the mad race for setting records

registering their names in seeking rewards

trying all stuff which is impossible for all

the obsession to rise the restlessness in fall

yes, it is really great to have world Records

to make self immortal to grab all awards

but its still greater to be a great individual

to be more judicious to be more sensible


the festive spirit


it appeared to all as if rainbow had descended

colours looked so exquisite, beautiful and blended

people all around holding sweets and colours

playing out with joy with some running for covers

and as the colourful festive spirit rose to its peak

atmosphere turned vibrant, magical  and mystique

the weather too was lovely, naughty and freaky

and the people were joyous, saucy and cheeky

but when the colours touched face of a gentleman

the regular act of Murmuration then slowly began

and then a colour balloon painted the man red

the clothes turned colourful but anger on the head

then multicoloured water drenched a person whole

the murmur rose louder and burst out of control

the festival took backseat, the anger on the front

and humans fought like kids, culture bore the brunt