The handicapped CEOs


The topic surely attracts attention as to what the article contains? But this article is not about the differently-abled people occupying the top posts, it is about the CEOs and the chairmen who are handicapped. However, they may be handicapped because of their character or their personality traits or due to internal or external compulsions, whatsoever. This is applicable to all companies/ parties/ ministries/ institutions etc. This is the reason why these entities at some point of time feel the kickbacks due to their disabilities. Here are some of the types:

The dumb CEOs: These are the heads who do not have any say on any of the company matters. They go by the signatures or the initials of their subordinates or the PAs. They remain silent in the meetings and the conferences no matter how relevant the discussions are? They do not pass or issue any instructions to the subordinates or the employees. Most or the people inside and outside the company never know that such a person holds the highest post in the company. They remain silent and silently pass their tenure. Such CEOs are generally found in PSUs or the government organizations where seniority rules.

The deaf CEOs: Yes, such heads do exist. These company heads are immune to the voices of the employees or the subordinates. They do whatever they want to, no matter how much they are explained about the consequences or the after effects. The applications or the requests never succeed to pass through such people. Even they do not listen to the board or the people whom they are answerable to. For such people personal gains are not as important as their ego. Such heads are found in abundant in private industries.

The blind CEOs: These are the heads who either fail to see things happening around or pretend to do so. Many a times they tend to ignore things for their personal gains. Some of these sign the files or the documents without even looking at them. Some fail to see the huge pile of files erected on their table. These CEOs are true politicians. Most of the times, they see from the eyes of their chauvinists subordinates or turn a blind eye to events that are not part of their priority list. These type of CEOs are mainly found in PSUs and also in the real politics too.

The handless CEOs: These heads never do any task which can give an indication of hands being present on their body. They keep the files and the papers meant for their signature pending. They try to put other people forward when it comes to signing any deals/papers/orders etc. these type of heads are a scared lot and safe players. They do not want to take any initiatives. If at all they sign any paper, they ask for the initials or counter signature of their subordinates on the same. They try to go in an orthodox way. Most of the government sector or PSUs bosses fall in this category. The ministers, the civil servants are all such type of handicapped people.

The mental CEOs: Though these types of heads are rare but they do exist. Such CEOs take arbitrary decisions. Their commandments are surprise for even their PAs or the close associates. The decision of closing a factory unit, forming a new group, stopping the perks, reducing the benefits, starting a collaboration, launching a project etc. all in a sudden are the typical examples of the outcomes one can expect from a company being headed by such CEOs.

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