your eternal love

as the love goes down deep inside my veins

I see lovable patterns in everything around

the clouds on the sky appear multi-colour

I hear enchanting patterns in every sound

I lay on the bed and the sheet showed a Pattern

the thoughts surround like rings around Saturn

I walked along road and trees appeared aligned

honking sound of vehicles too looked refined

the drops from the shower too emerge pulsating

the rice grains artistic, the drinks pretty orchestral

in your eternal love everything seems ornamental

the world a lab and paraphernalia experimental


The handicapped CEOs


The topic surely attracts attention as to what the article contains? But this article is not about the differently-abled people occupying the top posts, it is about the CEOs and the chairmen who are handicapped. However, they may be handicapped because of their character or their personality traits or due to internal or external compulsions, whatsoever. This is applicable to all companies/ parties/ ministries/ institutions etc. This is the reason why these entities at some point of time feel the kickbacks due to their disabilities. Here are some of the types: Continue reading