the nervousness

nervousness is what tells us the first

as for humans this feeling is a must

the first time we face audience on stage

the first time we enter the worldly maze

the very first time we learn to ride a bicycle

first time we tend to try something impossible

Nervous are we the first time we talk to opposite gender

nervous we become when we are caught as an offender

the first time we stand near pool to learn swimming

nervous we become when we feel time ticking

the exam fear too make the people nervous

travelling abroad first time make many anxious

nervousness shrouds us so hard its difficult to flee

I always wonder, if I am nervous or nervous is me

13 thoughts on “the nervousness

  1. Out of your different situations, I used to have stage fright. I was good with words in school and my English teacher took me to an inter school competition and I was representing my school. Extempore speech it was, I could talk easily in front of class but it was a different level altogether, I was nervous like hell and couldn’t utter much…lol
    It was an auditorium full of people, it seems funny now

    When I told my idea of driving car to bhai, he became nervous because I said it’s like playing a video game you just have to manoeuvre the car. He really got worried about others on road while I played my video game πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

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    • that’s true…even the people, the place, the capacity, the topic…everything matter….and any change in one or combination of these…may give rise to the nervousness….

      Driving car too is like a video game, though we never get a second chance here…but there are driving schools….who train through their simulators….and make learners feel confident….before coming on to the road….

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