Recently we got a circular from my kid’s school stating that there is a program called ‘Matruvandana’ scheduled and all the kids along with their mothers are invited to attend the same. Though it was quite clear from the name (a Sanskrit word translated as mother worship in English), still the curiosity surrounded us as to what the organisers planned to do?

Further it was told that the kids need to bring a big plate along with bit of sandalwood powder, vermilion and turmeric powder and some flowers. Looked bit religious for many and bit of drama for some others but we thought to attend the function to see what the concept is all about?

We reached the venue and to our surprise, the hall was full. The organisers asked the mothers to be seated on the chairs and the kids next to them on the ground. It was a rare sight as kids sitting with devotion next to their mothers though not so calm and quiet.

The program started with the speaker briefing about the concept. She explained all about what motherhood is all about, the sacrifice, the devotion, the affection, the pain, the strength, the courage, the pride and all that we all knew about. And as she rightly explained that the place of mother is above the God for the kids. They are born to her and grow with her. Till they achieve sense, mother is their universe. No one else can even think of occupying the place of a mother.

So, if a mother does so much for the kids, it is well appropriate for the kids to reciprocate in return. Though it may look formal and bit of awkward for many mothers, it is fine to motivate and trigger a sense of Godly respect in the minds of the kids. The speaker addressed the kids and gave few examples and then requested the kids to wash the feet of their mothers. The speaker asked the mothers to feel the soft affectionate touch with their eyes closed. Then the kids were asked to gently massage the feet of their mothers with first sandalwood powder, then with vermilion and finally with turmeric powder. Further the kids were requested to offer flowers on the feet of their mothers. Not only the mothers but the kids and their father were also delighted seeing this formal yet touchy view.

Though the scene looked bit religious but then mother is a Goddess worth worshipping. Any religion that prohibits this, is a ruthless one. All the Gods worshipped all over the world are born to the mothers, I feel, so there is no point of argument as to mother should hold a higher place or the God! And it is the direct blessings of God that the mothers perform their tasks and their duty so passionately and responsibly. Once they feel the baby inside, the entire physiology and the mindset of the mother changes.

It is the plain fact that the person who keeps the baby inside the womb for nine months only can develop such feelings. The males cannot by any chance. Even the surrogate mothers develop so much bonding that many a times is found missing with those mothers who adopt them. I wished such programs like ‘Matruvandana’ are organised in every part of the world as the mothers and their duties as well as the responsibilities too are the same everywhere.

The Almighty has given such biological right and the power to women. And if you Ruminate and start comparing the worth, you will find men totally worthless in front of women. This enlightenment and associated sense of insecurity had forced the opposite gender to declare this planet as the men’s world and the society as the male dominated society in the past. But the truth cannot be defeated or hidden for long. Those who are intellectuals acknowledge the fact, others fool themselves. Hence the world should bow down to them, as the world exists, because they exist.

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