the unquenched desire

blame it on my insatiable Desire

or the buried, invisible dormant fire

I still strive to forget those instances

that killed me hard to take away the chances

and now I live this life showing no traces

I pretend ignorant and wear different faces

but the unquenched flames of Desire still persist

because it is there to fuel me up, so I exist

and when this dies the heart will stop beating

the mind will cease and soul will start retreating

O the centre of my burning desire wake up!

you had given me what no one could ever take up

I was fortunately human so I surrendered

but what have you lost ever you wondered?


Research in India: A point to research

A true state of affairs in the research field in India

My Microbiology World


There is a lot outcry on new US president’s actions after assuming the office. I really wondered why it is being considered wrong to take strict actions by a country’s Premier towards safeguarding the interest of his own countrymen. He may not be hundred percent right, but you can’t call him wrong either. 

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