my writings…

I always wished that I could get one day

an overwhelming response to my writings

I get a bundle of comments and likes

to get the most number of sightings

but my efforts always fell far shorter

my toilsome writings mostly unseen

my strings of words largely unnoticed

the failure to understand what I mean

my ocean of emotions greatly unrecognised

my direction of thoughts often misconceived

my display of expressions hugely unrewarded

my castle of imagination vastly unperceived


41 thoughts on “my writings…

  1. Well done. The help with the masses. Write for you. I have almost 800 “followers”, and my likes have only gone over 60 once on one piece. What the he’ll are the other 700 doing? Appreciate those that spend the time, you’re not getting famous here my friend. But you might find validation

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  2. I know,you know it that this poem is all a lie,because you are the best when it comes to writing poetry on daily prompts and no one can deny that.

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