the cleanliness drive

if cleanliness is next to Godliness

but why does it require gaudiness

the broom and the people are seen

but the filth remains as it has been

yes, we should keep ourselves clean

we should maintain health and hygiene

but, why do we do this job for others

why should we care if someone bothers

a clean body with a dirty soul is worthless

a clean house and filthy surroundings is useless

a clean action with stinking habits is nonsensical

a clean display with befouled reality is ineffectual

A clean body for sure, attracts everyone

but, there is far more that needs to be done

let’s make our mentality as well as ideology clean

let’s make our individuality and character pristine



can’t resist the temptation

I tried my best to resist the temptation

of  writing daily on given prompts

to try to do all the justice to them

with my budding literary stomps

So one day I took my time out

to go and explore a different place

to be off from the netted world

and to find my own personal space

I did that successfully for a day

but when I was back to the base

the net and the prompt allured me

and forced my to put up my case

I would have resisted the temptation

but fact is fortunately I am human