who is successful?

who is successful in this world?

the one who reaches effortlessly to the top

or the one who earns a lot of money

or the one who possesses a great job

who is successful in this world?

the one who earns name and fame

or the one who rules the industry

or the one who earns a lots of acclaim

who is successful in this world?

the one who brilliantly excels in the art

or the one who victoriously rules the people

or the one who is beautiful and smart

all these measures of success are delusive

it is gauged by the smiles on people’s face

it is measured by the number of people you help

it is rated by the kindness and dignified grace



personal privacy

the invasion of others privacy

is always fascinating for some

some do it for gratification

and some do it for sleazy income

the seclusion is always for a reason

fears of revolution, fright of treason

the personal happenings in private life

the privacy of husband, the privacy of wife

the privacy of emotions, the privacy of actions

the privacy of suffering, the privacy of reactions

why is the interference always intended

why is the credibility always pretended

let us give everyone their private secrecy

let us respect everyone’s personal privacy



the new age kids

when these new age toddlers

display their extraordinary talent

they leave everyone immensely perplexed

when they show their prodigious gallant

is this the exposure to the gadgets

or is this the part of their evolution

is this the need for their survival

or the grand technological revolution

the new generation kids are born genius

they exhibit the superiority of the clan

their actions are such to very well prove

that the child is the father of a man



palpable paucity of personal pleasure

overstrained, overstretched and overworked

exhaustive daily schedules and chores

a mad run to discharge their duties

a crazy rush to settle their scores

mutilated mechanical monotonous life

the keenness for retrieving leisure

the over busy diary of daily events

palpable paucity of personal pleasure

is this the living we wished to endure

is this a real or a virtual subsistence

is this the melodramatic tragedy called life

or is this the sheer purpose of our existence



do you understand?

I wish you could ever understand

the aesthetic quotient of my expressions

the cosmetic beauty of my genuine thoughts

and the real intentions of my confessions

you always seemed to be visibly bruised

by the blunt edges of my blatant utterances

but you never ever went deep inside them

to empathise with their true sentiments

how do I fabricate unwanted garishness

for you to experience the misleading solace

will it be legitimate to our relationship

which does not have any pseudo interface

which stands tall on the pillars of truthfulness

and prospers eloquently on the soil of honesty

which gets life from the breath of devotion

and sails smooth on the waters of modesty



an open invitation

this is an open public invitation

to all my well wishers and mates

to get merrily engaged with me

for our well written predestined fates

to remain ‘live-in’ with me

for our artistic companionship

to get happily married with me

to build our literary relationship

we then celebrate anniversaries

for our compendious excellence

and the birthdays every now and then

to mark here our beautiful existence



the race of life

there are no doubts that life is a marathon

with everyone running their own race

some succeed and complete the full run

and some have to leave in between the chase

completing the run is the biggest challange

with many of us succumbing somewhere along

though we all take utmost precautions and care

and follow all the rules so nothing goes wrong

but the success in the marathon is solely in His hand

as everything is predestined every event is preplanned

we can’t alter the outcome but we can change the effectiveness

we can run this race of life with honesty and truthfulness



the exquisite world

the beauty of the exquisite words

that flow out of the literary mavens

and beautify the world of the readers

and make the place appear heavens

we descend here to seek the respite

far from the madding hustle and bustle

of this meaningless real world’s tragedies

and to get relief from the mental tussle

there is no one here to be scared of

and no one who will threaten your life

there is no one who will hurt you deep

and there is no one in agony of strife



the companion-ship

There are my vitual companions

so close yet invisible and unseen

they express through their words

and they write what they mean

pradita chronicles infinite miracles

deepika’s ramblings beautiful scrambling

meenakshi sethi poetic wings that sing

elaine’s bloggers paradise pretty precise

ricardo sexton metaphors inspiring source

atrangi zindagi ek safar in force

and so it starts the personal poetry

words are all I have chemistry

with man of many thoughts poetry

shambhavi’s ultimate solace mystery

multitude of my thoughts motivating

silver lady’s ideas and inspirations captivating

risty’s breath and susmita’s uniquesus

eyes plus words unending love for us

and the list of friend is just unending

with plethora of emotions blending

in this virtual but beautiful place

the literary souls finding solace

[mention of blogs indicative, just to make short all my companions are not included, apology sought in advance for hurt, if any]



are we capable?

No one is really capable in this fraternity

and that underlines the power of Almighty

we all are parasites of our own kind

with examples around difficult to find

we want someone to cook the meals

someone to be at the job, do the deals

to drive the car, entertainment to put on

a friend to care, a soft shoulder to cry upon

someone to fetch the ration, ignite the passion

to join us for holidays, to shower the praise

to raise the kids, to win the bids

to live with ease, to die with peace