your oversight

I wonder if your oversight is right

when it comes to my shortcomings

when it comes to my mistakes

when it comes to my wrongdoings

as your oversight is the main reason

it imparts a sense of recidivism in me

and provokes to turn more and more fake

and catalyses the  bad character in me

the oversight of anything is not good

be it a dishonest or a truthful act

as eyes and minds are the true watchmen

to keep everyone informed of the real fact


9 thoughts on “your oversight

  1. I have to think about what you wrote…maybe indeed oversight is not so good if it leads to what you write about. But wanting to see only the good is not an oversight, it is more a belief

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  2. I was not talking about blind trust but about belief. If somebody believes in your good side it doesn’t mean that he/she is trusting blindly or trying to oversee something. And belief can move the walls


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