the companion-ship

There are my vitual companions

so close yet invisible and unseen

they express through their words

and they write what they mean

pradita chronicles infinite miracles

deepika’s ramblings beautiful scrambling

meenakshi sethi poetic wings that sing

elaine’s bloggers paradise pretty precise

ricardo sexton metaphors inspiring source

atrangi zindagi ek safar in force

and so it starts the personal poetry

words are all I have chemistry

with man of many thoughts poetry

shambhavi’s ultimate solace mystery

multitude of my thoughts motivating

silver lady’s ideas and inspirations captivating

risty’s breath and susmita’s uniquesus

eyes plus words unending love for us

and the list of friend is just unending

with plethora of emotions blending

in this virtual but beautiful place

the literary souls finding solace

[mention of blogs indicative, just to make short all my companions are not included, apology sought in advance for hurt, if any]



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