Try these out

rise like the great Himalayas

flow like the river Nile

shine like the pole star

wear a Monalisa smile

play like the great Pele

dance like Michael Jackson

sing like queen Madonna

follow Sylvester for the action

paint like great Pablo Picasso

fly like unflinching eagle

act like finest Charles Chaplin

Get Stacey Gardner for the leagal

Try walking like an Egyptian

speak like Winston Churchill

ride in the grandest Lamborghini

live in beautiful Hearst Castle



my love reaction

my eternal love for you though

is a real function of proximity

with time limits defined from

minus infinity to plus infinity

and the result is just infinite

with absolutely no boundary condition

with the love neurons emitting always

defying all protocol transmission

neither the physics nor the maths

can define the extent of it

neither the chemistry or physiology

can explain the strength of it

count the stars if you want

measure the oceans if you wish

neither you may find the start

nor you may reach the finish