The role reversal

O dear Almighty! I want

specific answer to my query

I don’t want an explanation

nor an interminable story

why you made men’s life simple

and women’s life so complex

whether it is physical or social

its the enigma that always perplex

whether she desires or not

she suffers those painful days

every month with bloodbath

in most inconvenient ways

why only she has to carry

 the baby inside her tummy

for months together with care

with men just being dummy

why only she has to undergo

the fear of being molested

by the same breed of men

her life on whom she invested

O my God! Dear Almighty!

just asking you for a favour

can we have the role reversal

as you are the role creator

as men are inherently stubborn

to understand and feel the pain

let them step into the shoes

and themselves undergo the same!