The real treasure

dubiety always jaunts to wisecrack

who is the richest person on earth

who has the biggest stack of treasure

or, who has biggest appreciation of worth

why, the money and materialistic stuff

makes a person lush and opulent

why the shares and market value

rate a person rich and affluent

has ever someone tried to measure

the value of an innocent, naive smile

the worth of a tender, warm touch

the price of a committed motherly style

or, can someone dare to buy

the warmth of an infant’s precious hug

the conviction of a kid’s valuable belief

the purity of a toddler’s golden shrug

one who has a happy family

one who has a contended nation

one who has a blissful society

one who has an ebullient creation

they have the nous of enjoying leisure

they know the sense of having pleasure

they realise the context of valid measure

they possess the joy of genuine treasure