The panoply of emotions

via Daily Prompt: Panoply

Sarcastic panoply of emotions

With no healing, whatsoever

With a formal signature on lips

passionless pair of eyes so clever

How can one be so rude?

Putting humanity at stake

engulfing the fundamentals

masquerade as someone fake

compassion binds humans together

and veracity revered forever

sharing agonies diminish the hurt

and make the heart sober

The panoply of thoughts

orchestrated to live the life

with the rhythm of modesty

to cease the pain and strife



A programmer’s struct

via Daily Prompt: Construct

let us struct

all our agonies, worries and fear

to a place in our memory

that we can abandon, as we desire

after all, we too are programmers

of our own emotional hamlet

like the almighty, who has sent us

to live a life on this planet

let us construct the passion,

the will power, the patience

let us build our character

the humanity, the tolerance

let us eradicate the hatred

from the mind of all mortals

those who call themselves human

but wear a demon chortle

let us live together with peace

so that we die with subtle ease