The veracity of jumping professions


The other day I was reading the story about doctors and engineers opting for the civil services for ‘a greater canvas to work for the people’. I couldn’t but laugh on such a statement coming out from a doctor whose job is considered as the most sacred job for the humankind and at times compared to that of the God. Can someone compare this with the routine jobs being carried out by the babus? In our country at present, the only thing that attracts the youth keeping government service in mind is the civil services because of the money and the power associated with the posts. Not a single aspirant has any intention for serving the nation. These may be termed as filmy dialogues written to either mislead people or please the interview board. The civil services exam is all about the hard work for an year or so and subsequently harvesting its benefits for the rest of the life for self, for family members and for all those who come under the circle of concern of the officer sitting on the seat of power.

No wonder the interviews of the aspirants and those who make it to the civil services speak aloud as to how the candidates want to serve the poor and the weaker section of the society. However the reality starts showing the sign even while on the training. Had there been such an immense desire of working for the society, the society would have been at a superior stage by now. The sole result that one gets after recruiting the civil servants is a huge liability and a great cost to the exchequer. And, all these so-called nation building enthusiasts end up building their bungalows, bank balance and golden future for self, all their dependents and also their descendants.

The big real question is why at all such professionals are so keen in entering the civil services? A doctor’s job is considered the most humane. The engineers develop their skills to work for the humankind. What is that ‘extra’ that the civil services provide. The answer is very simple. It is the Aladdin’s lamp. There are hundreds of genies at your service. The power, the luxury, the money and above all, the immunity against the law is the biggest temptation. The civil servant becomes the master and the government’s son-in-law and enjoys all the associated lavishness.

It is this immunity that coverts so-called revolutionists to passive babus. Once into service, the innovation dies, the creativity takes the back seat, the ideas evaporate because the things keep flowing in the set pattern and no one dares to come out of that comfort zone. The humanity, the service to mankind, the ‘change’ types of theoretical mind-sets easily get changed by the system defined patterns. It is the same metaphor that makes a lean and thin constable, a ‘tummy master’ after just few years of service. The same effect dominates everywhere and where it is ‘not applicable’ things proceed in an innovative and customer friendly way. People do relate with the beauty of the air-hostess with the quality of service of the airlines and the customer friendliness. That is one of the reasons why some professional companies absorb financial loss for putting a smile on the face of the customer. The civil servants, the doctors, the engineers, the lawyers, do the exact opposite. They concentrate on their financial gains, most of the time at the cost of the smile on the faces of general public.

Now the big question is why our system does allow the professionals to switch profession? In general, it doesn’t encourage as we have not seen many doctors turning into engineers or lawyers or vice versa. Then why does this happen with the civil services? The answer is simple, the greed for money and power. This also further proves that those who switch over from these well defined and noble professions to the civil services actually would never be good professionals as their priorities are dipped into selfish intentions. A good doctor will never leave his profession and a bad doctor can never be a good civil servant. Same is the case with engineers, lawyers and other professional.

Over and above, these jumping jacks eat away the opportunity of other aspirants who would have served the humankind in the form of doctor or an engineer. The government and the institute would have invested a lot in making these doctors and engineers who finally end up sitting in their AC rooms doing literally nothing fruitful for the humankind. Hence, this jumping of the trades is nothing but a professional crime. India is already facing the consequences of brain drain, where the engineers and doctors and other professionals fly to other countries for fat salaries and so-called better opportunities. We cry a lot on this but allow it to happen as we do not have any ‘talent retention policy’. In addition to that, a set of such professionals jump the profession to become civil servants. Can’t we do anything there?

In this era of advanced technologies and changing life styles, all the goals of human beings primarily end up in earning money. Money is God, money is health, money is the rule, money is entertainment, money is life, etc. are the commandments for human race. This is in spite of knowing the fact that, not a single penny can be taken with us in our final journey. Then, why is this rat race towards materialism? How good it would be if the doctors and other professionals perform their job with utmost honesty, the way soldiers do at the borders, and orient their goals towards human smiles. They will surely feel the value of it and find that every single innocent smile is worth a thousand pounds!

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