The pay cheque circus

presentation1Though theoretically the salaried class strives for job satisfaction throughout its career, the candid fact is that it is the pay cheque that plays the pivotal role in deciding the job engagement and its future. Orthodox organizations design their pay slabs and fit in the talent according to their capabilities and experience however professional companies hire the talent and fix the salaries according to the competence levels of the hired personnel. It is always strategically mentioned that, ‘Sky is the limit’ for an extra ordinary candidates and the remuneration shall be best among the industries. This clearly reveals the acknowledged adhesiveness of a pay cheque between an employee and the organization.

The transformation of an employee who ‘carries out the job’ to the one who ‘gets the job done’ plays an important role. The former are primarily paid for their efficiency whereas the latter are remunerated for their effectiveness. The former concentrates more on the job satisfaction and the working environment with sometimes compromising on the remuneration whereas the latter gives more attention to the pay cheque negotiating at times sacrificing the job related parameters. The pay satisfaction overrules the job satisfaction and the pay cheque decides slavery or the freedom as far as the employment is concerned.

There are many examples in the industry where the pay cheques have been proven the license to freedom (or the slavery). The top notches are more affected to this syndrome and their ‘hop on hop off’ activity from one company to other is directly proportional to the amount mentioned on their pay cheque. Hence the companies try to provide attractive packages to lure the prospective employees and continue escalating the perks proportionally to ensure that the employee remains with or within the company. Hence in this era of globalization and open market it is the pay cheque that binds an employee with the company (until and unless there is some other better or alternate adhesive) or provides the ticket to freedom.

It is ironical that the pay cheques are getting fat day by day but the responsibility, loyalty and integrity is thinning down. It does not matter how many zeroes are there in a person’s pay cheque, what is more important is the ones he represent.

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