The power of an SMS in office

smsCommunication is the key for better living and effective communication makes life bit more easier. However, in industrial scenario when the higher management keeps self busy in the meetings and the delegation of powers to next levels are at place, the connectivity between the two faces hurdles. There are instances when the boss puts the phone into the silent mode in the board meetings or other high level meetings and is unable to receive any calls due to the floating protocols. SMS at this time is like a boon to the corporate world. Just by an SMS, silently the status is updated to the bosses and further commands or the feedback is communicated to the next level executives without hindering the proceedings.

Make it official: There are bosses who don’t like to communicate to their sub-ordinates through SMS. This is primarily due to the fear of the inferiority syndrome creeping into their egoistic bossing mindset. Communication never makes anyone inferior. Those who have made the progress update mandatory through SMS and have delivered the commands and feedback through SMS have reaped the real benefits of this mode of communication.

An effective means of communication: Many times the sub-ordinates hesitate to brief their bosses about the status update due to the fear of getting the banging. Sometimes it may be due to the unavailability of the bosses or the network unavailable at that time. SMSs are delivered to the receivers as soon as the network becomes available thus avoiding continuous attempts to connect the call. This secure and reliable means of communication overpowers all others.

Quick status updates: SMSs can be flashed when the milestones are met or when the bottlenecks are encountered. They work as an effective tool for reminders. They can be utilized in a hierarchy setup for ensuring transparency. They save the sender’s time and efforts on one side and ensure minimal trouble to the receiver on the other side.

Service providers, vehicle operators, hotels, malls, cinema hall utilize this effective tool in the public domain, much to the satisfaction and delight of the customers. Today, when the mobile has literally become apparel instead of a gadget, the corporate world should milk all its benefits for the growth of the companies.

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