Seven characteristics of highly effective office

Cool office is not a workplace with good air-conditioner but it is an office meant for delivering outputs for given inputs under normal environmental conditions i.e. without extra pressure, elevated temperaments, turbulent mindsets, jittery relationships, volcanic fears and foggy limitations. The essential elements of such office shall be:

  • A Cool boss: All the office conditions are governed through the boss head. The boss needs to be patient to listen to the sub-ordinates, absorbent to soak up all the spillovers of schedules and associated exhaust and transparent enough to have the orders, tasks and other communication clear.
  • Cool Infrastructure: The office should make us feel homely. Home is where our energy levels are at their maximum. A cramped office may trigger ‘out of the company’ thoughts instead of’ ‘out of the box’ thinking. Any time availability of eatables and a healthy playing area are must for a good office infrastructure. And yes, the toilets should not stink!
  • A defined job description: The role and the responsibility of an individual should be well defined without any overlaps. The targets may not be easy but should be realistic. The reporting structure should be clear to individuals and also to others.
  • Perks matching with the skills and experience: Though the job profile takes the upper hand for the employee satisfaction, the salary and other benefits act as a refrigerant providing coldness to the job. Timely availability of the perks in par with the skills and experience boost the environmental aesthetics and make it conducive for a pleasant stay.
  • Unbiased performance evaluation: The biased performance evaluation generates lots of turbulence and heat in the office environment. It should be fair with the appraisee in the loop for any assessment made.
  • Paperless office: All the leave applications, TA/DA forms, reimbursement forms and other papers required for the administrative formalities shall be originated and sent online supplemented by the transaction alerts.
  • No Hitlerisation: A cool office should not have commands listed as part of Dos and Don’ts. The guidelines for the dress code, the in and out time, the gadgets usage, the eating time etc. can be there but not in a tyrannical enforcement way.

The seven characteristics of a highly effective office.

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