My Pokemon hunt in India!


Boiled by the Pokemania, I also thought to explore my gaming cum exploration skills. My better half allowed as much to her surprise it was a mobile game to be played outdoors! I decided to explore my country to discover indigenous pokemons though prior to this I had heard only of Doreamon. I always wished I had that secret pocket so that I can save fuel and time with that anywhere door or freeze the stone pelting crowd or make the heavyweight politicians tiny with fascinating Doreamon gadgets. However, this Pokemon stuff looked different!

I set out armed with the essentials of the game to explore those so-called Pokestops, to discover new species of Pokemons which I was very sure, existed in our socially, politically and economically diverse country. As I traversed through the busy roads of Bangalore, a volcano shape Pokemon popped onto my mobile screen. Strange, I felt. Is this a Pokemon or a Potemon emerging out from the notorious potholes of Bangalore roads? I tried taming it but missed. I moved ahead, again a similar creature popped up. A fellow Pokemate told me, please use ‘Block the pop-ups of this type’ option else you may keep encountering these Pokemon every second.

As I reached Tamil Nadu, Pokemons flooded on my mobile. Someone told that the CM here had assured the people of free Pokemons. There was no thrill. I moved to Andhra. The scene there was bit different. Every nook and corner I encountered a working Pokemon. It appeared as the Andhraites are very busy working for their state and the capital. I further reached West Bengal. The Pokemon species I encountered there was bit unfamiliar. Again a Pokemate told me that we can leave that Pokemon as it may be a non-Indian. I entered Bihar. I saw Pokemons floating in the recent floods. It was told that we can find a sweaty Pokemon during summer when Bihar will be facing the drought again. Moved by the plight, I entered UP and spotted various Pokemons with khadi caps on their heads. I was told that, here every person is a politician.

I thought, it was a better idea to explore the western part of India. Maharashtra was bustling with life. I tried my best but could not spot any Pokemon as it appeared that they all were busy in their own artificial world. I decided to travel further upwards, reached Gujarat and saw Pokemons sitting on the railway tracks. This time I interpreted the situation myself and moved further north. T was the state of Haryana. I launched a vigorous search for Pokemons but could locate only the male species. In the search of a true Indian Pokemon, I reached J&K. Here I could spot Pokemons either with guns or stones or with flags. There were many unidentified Pokemons encountered there.

Dejected by the plight of designed Pokemons for Indian players, I straight-away headed towards the national capital. As I reached the famed university campus, I instantly encountered a blue colored Pokemon. This time, I thought I should attempt playing and taming it. As instructed, I threw the Pokeball at it from the bottom of my mobile screen. The wild Pokemon hit my ball for a six. I tried other balls, even the red-colored ones, but it didn’t serve the required purpose. So wild that pokemon was! I finally moved ahead without taming it. I roamed around the capital in my pursuit for an indigenous Pokemon which I thought should be available in this last Pokestop.

Further, I encountered various Pokemons shouting slogans, sitting on roads, fighting with each other. I was totally demotivated. I walked towards the seat of power. As I approached closer, I encountered Pokemons of various kinds. I found many Pokemates trying their best for capturing the species in order to complete all the entries in Pokedox. They told, these are the Pokemons representing the entire Indian game. I also tried and spotted many of them outside the building. Few were sitting, sleeping, shouting and fighting inside. All the Pokemates were happy. The target was about to complete. But then, we found few Pokemons missing. All of us tried our best to locate but to no avail. Then we checked in for the help. The help text stated that the missing Pokemons are not found in this location as they never come here. I was not left with any calories to proceed further. I uninstalled the game on the spot. I wondered if I was the wildest Pokemon, the man who pokes into others business?

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