The socio-political Newtonian laws

Sir Issac Newton would have been very happy. The Indians seems to be following his laws of physics proposed 330 years back very meticulously. For any literate person, the Newton’s laws of motion are very familiar. The first law deals with the state of Inertia. ‘A body moving or at rest remains in that condition, until and unless an external force is applied to it’. That means an external force is must, if you wish to go for a change. In other words, the inertia (socio-political) opposes the change. It is not only the first law, even the third law of motion, where Newton talks about an equal and opposite reaction for any action is very much followed by the people. If a leader makes derogatory remarks on someone, he gets back the same as a reaction. If X beats Y’s kid, Y also sees that he beats X’s kid equally. In the border, the security forces experience the Newton’s third law of motion daily. So, is the power of Newton’s laws formulated decades back.

They say, ‘Change is the law of nature’. So, why do we counter the diktat of nature? When train services started, people opposed it fearing negative impact on the environment and the people. When computers first came to the workplace, people opposed the move citing maintenance, consistency and reliability issues. Many opposed industrial revolution fearing loss of jobs. Test tube babies were first considered unethical, the use of nuclear energy was considered unsafe. Despite these apprehensions all these changes have impacted the human life positively and made is better and more convenient.

As far as the human resources are considered, they possess a great static inertia. Hence whenever people in jobs are transferred, they oppose it. This becomes bit tolerable if the transfer comes along with a promotion. This static inertia had now embraced even the common people. They do not go for tours and trips for leisure. Even the LTC (Leave travel concession) meant to revitalize the employees has become obsolete for reasons that it can be en-cashed to avail the LTA (leave travel allowance). So, who will dare accumulate the energy to overcome the static inertia caused by authenticated and approved liquidity of the LTC? The employees pocket the money and remain in static condition as there is no other external force acting to displace them.

With due respect to Sir Newton, I request all the Indians not to follow his laws in socio-political fronts. Be mobile. Please change your physical state too. Go around places. Explore the real India. How long will all of us be a frog in the well when we have an ocean of places? If, even 10% of the population of our country starts planning holidays with their families, out of the state, once a year, the impact will be truly remarkable. The tourism industry will get the boost and people also may get the required rejuvenation devoid of which they raise their tempers high and loud. Also don’t apply the third law everywhere. There need not always be a reaction to every action. Don’t be in a hurry to react and let the impact bother you. Take some time. The law of impulse which says, ‘if the time taken is more, the impact of force will be small’. This scientific law shall take over the frustration from you. Physics deciphered!

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