Education system in India today – a glimpse

waveWe have seen the AIPMT exam getting rigged in the past and also the ITI exam in West Bengal being targeted by the exam mafia and many more such incidents which reveal the loopholes in the education system of our country. There is huge propaganda and investment by the government on raising the standard of the education but such incidents blow down all the promises made by them. Eventually such things happen mainly in the northern belt of the country probably for the reason that the integrity of the institutions operating in that area is never authenticated. People having money to spare are in the business of operating the chains of educational institutes. Who is worried of quality anyway? Not even the entrance exams but many recruitment exams have also met the same fate. And it keeps happening repeatedly. The general perception in UP and Bihar is that no recruitment exam in the state requires studying as the criterion for short listing the candidates is not merit. Why we all remain quiet?

It is the irony of our system that the importance of the education is neither understood by the so-called mighty citizens nor being made understandable by the government. The Right to Education (RTE) helplessly tries to fight with the private schools lobby but the results obtained are not really convincing. It is well established fact that at entry level, the selection of the school and the associated donation kills the ambitions of the kids and their parents. The fee in the general perception of the public is assumed to be directly proportional to the quality of the institution. So, it is the money that fetches the admission and takes care of other formalities without parents worrying a bit. It is unfortunate fact that the money makes kids luckier. Attractive building, amenities, play area, buses, extracurricular activities, fun and even the attendance becomes slave to the amount being dispensed by rich and affluent people.

Further, at junior level, it is the struggle to orient and prepare the child for the upcoming competitive exams. So, the extra classes matter and also the additional coaching classes. Here also money plays its pivotal role as these are available with a price which everyone cannot afford to pay. Parents start investing on this extra burden that our current education system carries. All this exercise is just to seek admission in a prestigious college. Government colleges are the most sought after as the fees and the associated expenditure are affordable to middle or lower class people. For rich, competition doesn’t surface.  There are various institutions available where the seat sells. Degrees, especially the professional ones such as engineering, medical, management and even the law can be purchased by dispensing a suitable cost. Though mismanaged, this facility is termed as management quota.

It is very clear that the correlation of quality education with money cannot be detached whatsoever steps the governments take.  What can be done is building the quality and confidence on entrance tests and other exams. Exams, whether internal or external need to carry the sanctity what the prayers of humans do. These institutions are called the temples of the education.  Anything against should be treated as the contempt of God’s decree and the law of nature. Why don’t we take such offences of rigging the exams, impersonation, leaking out the exam papers as a non-bailable criminal offence?  It is direct attack on the dreams of the youngsters and the future leaders of the nation. How can we let get away the guilty?

The nexus between the coaching institutions, college management and the examination authorities generally give rise to such malpractices. Here again, money makes the man mad. It is the attitude of the government towards malpractices that increases or reduces the trend. The orders should be crisp and clear. Anything that hampers the genuineness, impartiality and transparency of an exam shall be dealt with seriously by the law making and enforcing agencies. It is the quality of the education that makes us a human being else we are animal by nature and deeds.  So, if the government and the machinery take the vow that the quality of the education and the sanctity of the exams in our country shall be ensured in totality, most of the social problems that we confronting may take the backseat.

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