the rat race


The world would not last long

And will be the end of human race

Still he was born

One more to join the rat race

Papa said he is my scientist

Mama said my doctor

Sitting on the tree of their ambitions

The innocent mind still softer

Cried on his birth in this planet

So crowded yet lonely

Relatives and friends

Neither known nor homely

Growing up looks so automated

With routine fixed and fixed calories

School teaching to compete

To create their success stories

College taught how to earn

Extra classes ready to churn

Investment a plenty on academics

Still wondering, did I learn?

Then family and the cycle

The divide, the races, the fights

The hatred, the killings, the mindset

Dreaded days and ugly nights

Is this the process called life?

Mechanized yet so mundane

We try becoming everything

Except being human, being humane

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